Welcome to the National website of the Economic Society of Australia (The Society). The Society is primarily concerned with promoting discussion and debate of economic issues within Australia. It does this by:

This website is a resource for members and non-members of the Society alike. It was designed to facilitate communication and/or coordination between branches of the Society and to promote economic thought amongst the general public.

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ACE 2015 will be hosted by the Queensland Branch of the Society in association with Brisbane‐based universities. The conference will be held at the Queensland University of Technology’s Gardens Point Campus from 7 to 10 July 2015. Read more...



We are delighted to announce that two members of the Economic Society of Australia (Victoria branch) were recognised in the Australia Day ceremonies this year.

Both have been recipients of the Society’s Distinguished Fellow Awards (Pagan in 1999 and Lloyd in 2005).    Biographical notes extracted from the Governor General’s website: Australia Day 2015 Honours List

La Trobe Uni – You may have read of La Trobe University’s decision to cut its Economics Department by two thirds  (see ‘La Trobe to rationalise economics’ ).  In response the society has made a number of direct appeals to La Trobe university. The Victorian branch organised a  letter expressing concern with signatures of support from attendees of the recent ACE conference and its membership. Our National President has also written to the La Trobe University on behalf of the central council that represents all branches.


ACE 2015



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