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National Young Economist Debate 2020

See the Young Economist Network, with teams led by Gigi Foster and Brendan Coates, debating the proposition

'The Federal Government's Job Keeper & Job Seeker Programs should be extended in their current form beyond the end of September 2020 to allow for continued economic ​recovery’. 


The Reserve Bank’s policy actions and balance sheet with RBA's Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle

The webinar provided the Bank’s analysis of the extensive responses it has made to the pandemic.  These extend well beyond a reduction in the cash rate to include: a preparedness to buy government bonds in whatever quantities are needed to achieve a target yield on government bonds; introduction of a Term Funding Facility for authorised deposit taking institution; using open market operations to provide plenty of liquidity in financial markets; and bond purchases to promote smooth functioning of the market for government securities. 


The Deficit Myth with Professor Stephanie Kelton and ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga

Hear author Professor Stephanie Kelton in discussion of her New York Times bestselling debut book, The Deficit Myth, in conversation with ANZ Chief Economist Richard Yetsenga. A leading thinker and internationally-recognised advocate of modern monetary theory, Professor Kelton’s work has sparked debate in economic, financial and political circles across the globe.


WEN - Macroeconomic Outlook

The worst case economic scenarios formulated when COVID-19 hit our shores earlier this year are now thankfully are being ruled out.  As our economy moves through the various stages of reopening, what are macroeconomists thinking now? By how much will GDP fall and unemployment rise? What other indicators should economists also be focusing on?

We talked to leading economists, Felicity Emmett, Kaixin Owyong and Su-Lin Ong to get their read on the outlook for the coming 12 months.  The session was moderated by Elysse Morgan.

This WEN webinar was organised by the ACT WEN Branch as part of the ESA/WEN National Seminar Series.


Implications of COVID19 - What about the Children?

Listen to our expert panel of economists from the public sector and academia as they discuss the evidence on the likely impact of COVID19 on children, their development and acquisition of human capital.  What impacts are already visible and what policies will help mitigate the impacts.  

This webinar event has been organised by the Women in Economics Network, as part of the ESA National Seminar Series.

WEN Panel Discussion - Covid, care and wellbeing: what do we really value?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on Australia's paid market economy, our unpaid non-market economy – the cooking, cleaning and caring taking place within Australians' households – is still going strong.  Furthermore, the factors that truly matter for wellbeing have come into sharper focus as the crisis unfolds. To a large extent, it's women who are performing the essential frontline jobs and the unpaid caring roles that are keeping society functioning during this time.

Our panel explored how economists think about wellbeing. Should we place a higher value on the care work and the non-market activities that are essential for a well-functioning society? If yes, how this might be practically achieved? And, if the COVID crisis doesn't prompt a reassessment of the value of care and the contribution of women's work, what will?

Panellists Catherine Fox (journalist and author), Dr Suzy Morrissey (University of Auckland), Emma Dawson (Per Capita), and Associate Professor Julie Smith (ANU),  moderated by WEN National Chair Dr Leonora Risse (RMIT University and Harvard Kennedy School).


COVID19 and the Australian Labour Market and Taxation System

Restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to affect Australian workers at levels not seen since the early 1990s.  What are likely to be the impacts of the current economic crisis on different segments of the Australia labour market? What structural labour market issues are likely to emerge? And what are the implications for economic recovery and the taxation system? Listen as Professor Jeff Borland (University of Melbourne) and Professor Robert Breunig (ANU)  discuss these issues and more during this ESA National Webinar.


The Fiscal Response to COVID19 Panel Discussion

Shane Wright (Age/SMH) will lead a panel of academic and policy experts in analysing the fiscal response to the COVID crisis by Australian governments. Have governments done enough to respond to the economic fallout from the crisis? Where to from here? And how will we pay for it?


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