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Deputy Chief Economist (Regulatory), EL2, (EA2023/9)

About the branch

The Specialist Advice and Services Division (SASD) is the ACCC’s in-house provider of legal, economic, international, information and data analysis services across the ACCC and Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

Within the broader Division, the ACCC/AER Legal Service provides in-house legal support across the full range of the agency’s functions. This includes investigations and litigation, regulation and corporate law. The Economic Group similarly provides economic advice across the full ACCC’s range of functions.

SASD is made up of three branches: ACCC/AER Legal service, Economics and International, Data and Intelligence. There is also a group of senior legal and economic advisors who sit outside of the divisions branch structure: General Counsel, Special Counsel, Litigation Counsel, and Chief Economist.

About the role

Deputy Chief Economists are authoritative sources of advice to the Commission on competition and consumer economic issues arising in the administration of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and related legislation. Deputy Chief Economists are a key source of support for the Chief Economist and General Manager.

Deputy Chief Economists undertake activities to:

  • ensure that sound economic principles are rigorously and consistently applied in the Commission’s decision-making on competition and related matters
  • engage with external stakeholders to improve the understanding of the role of economic analysis in the Commission’s consideration of competition and related matters.

Deputy Chief Economists:

  1. provide specialist, strategic and high-level economic advice to the Commission and Commissioners, either individually or in support of the Chief Economist
  2. ensure appropriate systems and frameworks are in place for sound economic principles to be applied rigorously and consistently in the Commission’s decision-making
  3. provides expert economic advice on the conduct of competition and consumer investigations and litigation
  4. mentor, manage and/or advise Principal and Senior Economists in the organisation to promote high quality outputs from the Economic Group
  5. leads engagement with senior internal and external stakeholders, including external economic consultants
  6. represents the ACCC in engagement with industry and government, nationally and internationally.

For more information about the role including the selection criteria, please see the Candidate Kit.

How to apply

When applying you will be asked to upload your resume and submit a statement of claims that is no more than 800 words.

When preparing your statement of claims, please take into consideration the role and duties, and detail instances from your past that demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria.

Salary: Attractive remuneration commensurate with the role

Contact Officer:  Bruce Mikkelsen 03 9658 6501 

This role is available on a full time, part time or job share basis. 

Apply here: https://accc.bigredsky.com/page.php?pageID=160&windowUID=0&AdvertID=693103

Closing date: 04 March 2023

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