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New research website: Vienna University of Economics & Business

The Library at Vienna University of Economics and Business is proud to announce the recent launching of its website with the digital archive collections containing documents from the estates of two distinguished Austrian economists Kurt W. Rotschild and Josef Steindl: https://viewer.wu.ac.at

The estate material comprises manuscripts and typscripts of works, letters, personal documents and collected items, as well as the private book collections of the two economists, whose life and works have left a permanent impact on economic science and economists worldwide.

Users have full access to a large number of the digitized material, however some material such as letters have a restricted access, due to the personality (privacy) right. This material can be accessed on-site, after signing the terms of use.
In this regard we are very pleased to have received the consent for online-publishing part of the correspondence from a number of noted economists. Among those are Amit Bhaduri, Alessandro Roncaglia, Jerzy Osiatynski, Tibor Scitovsky (his daughter) and Heinz Kurz, to mention only a few.

As the Library wishes to gradually enlarge the number of online accessible documents, it is asking all researchers who have been correspondence partners of Kurt Rothschild and Josef Steindl to support them in reaching this aim, by providing their approval for publishing their letters in the digital archive. The Library believes that this way the digital archive can become a new source for the dissemination of the economic thought of Kurt Rothschild and Josef Steindl and that of their fellow researchers.

For more information contact the Collections Management Librarian at the University.

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