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Vale Professor Anthony J. Makin

Central Council has received the sad news that Professor Anthony J. Makin has passed away.  Professor Makin has been a regular contributor to the National Economic Panel since its inception. His colleague Andreas Chai wrote the following tribute..

Over the years, Tony has trained and inspired generations of young economists. His work in macroeconomic policy and international economics has been published in the top journals in the field and influenced national and state policymaking. As a thought leader, Tony contributed to the policy debate with editorials in, for example, The Australian and made frequent media appearances. Throughout his career, Tony led numerous research initiatives, contributing to the creation of a collegial and cooperative environment to foster relationships between academics, professional economists, industry and government. He led the creation of the Economic Policy Analysis Programme, which is now a successful forum run by the Department of Accounting Finance and Economics, and was until recently the Director of the Griffith APEC Study Centre. The academic community owes Tony a great deal for his outstanding intellectual contribution and scholarly integrity.

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