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National Young Economist Debate 2020

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Gigi Foster (Professor, Director of Education at the UNSW School of Economics) and Brendan Coates (Household Finances Program Director at the Grattan Institute) led teams of young economists from across Australia debating the topic:

'The Federal Government's Job Keeper & Job Seeker Programs should be extended in their current form beyond the end of September 2020 to allow for continued economic ​recovery’.

Debate Team Members and Speakers were:

Team Leader of Debate Team 1 Supporting the Proposition: Gigi Foster
SA Debate Rep - Dr Duygu Yengin (Associate Professor School of Economics at the University of Adelaide) 
ACT Debate Rep - Alex McKenzie (Senior Consultant, KPMG) 
QLD Debate Rep - Emily Hayward (Senior Economist, Deloitte Access Economics) 

Team Leader of Debate Team 2 Arguing Against the Proposition: Brendan Coates
NSW Debate Rep - Callum Morgan (Senior Economist, EY) 
WA Debate Rep - Kristina Primus (Analyst, CBH Group) 
VIC Debate Rep - Nick Robinson (Manager Economics & Policy, PWC)

Michael McLure, Professor of Economics, UWA


Erin Stone, ESA WA Branch

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