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Saul Eslake - The Economic Impact of the COVID19 Epidemic

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View the Economic Society of Australia's presentation by Saul Eslake titled ’The Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Epidemic’.

In this presentation, Saul discussed the spread of COVID-19 and the extent of the resulting economic shutdowns. He provided commentary on how the economies of Australia’s major trading partners have been affected, and then provided a more detailed look at the impact on the Australian economy. 

Saul outlined some examples of the use of ‘high frequency’ data to track the performance of economies and to compare the differing impacts of COVID-19 on the states.  

Saul also compared the ‘generosity’ of the fiscal and monetary support across households and businesses.


Slides from this presentation are available - download here.

We recommend you visit Saul Eslake's website for more details and further updates on this topic.  

About our Speaker

Saul Eslake is an independent consulting economist based in Hobart, Tasmania, and a (part-time) Vice Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Tasmania. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Budget Office’s Expert Advisory Panel; the Australian Taxation Office’s ‘Tax Gap’ Expert Panel; and the Advisory Board of Jamieson Coote Bonds, a Melbourne-based bond fund manager. He has previously been Chief Economist (International) at National Mutual Funds Management (1991-95); Chief Economist at ANZ Bank (1995-2009); Director of the Productivity Growth Program at the Grattan Institute (2009-2011); and Chief Economist (Australia and New Zealand) for Bank of America Merrill Lynch (2011-2015). At different times he has been a member of the Rudd-Gillard Government’s National Housing Supply Council, and the Howard Government’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Policy Advisory Councils.



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