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Government investments in major sporting events.

For the fifth poll of the ESA National Economic Panel (NEP), the panel was polled on this proposition:

"Government investments in major sporting events usually generate net benefits for the city or region where the investment is made."

1) Poll results, charts and panellist comments 

2) Overview of the results by Dr Liam Lenten (sports economist and Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University):  

3) ESA-Monash Forum press release: 

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Thanks again to the panellists and to Dr Liam Lenten 

Stay tuned for our next NEP poll! *


Tom Chan & Buly Cardak
ESA-Monash Forum/ESA National Economic Panel


* We're always on the lookout for good questions to put to the NEP. Submit your question ideas here: http://bit.ly/ESANEP1


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