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Gigi Foster


Professor Gigi Foster

Gigi Foster is a Professor with the School of Economics at the University of New South Wales Business School, having received her BA from Yale, majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and her PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland.  Upon receiving her PhD she joined the University of South Australia’s School of Commerce, and moved to Sydney in 2009 as a Senior Lecturer in UNSW’s Australian School of Business.  She has held several ARC Discovery Grants and authored more than 25 scholarly works, including the book (joint with Paul Frijters) An Economic Theory of Greed, Love, Groups, and Networks, published in 2013 by Cambridge University Press.  Gigi is active in the Australian media, particularly in regard to matters of education policy and economic thought, and has served the profession in a variety of roles such as ARC Expert Assessor and National Economics Learning Standards Working Party member.

Subject Area Expertise

Education, social influence, behavioural economics, and the multi-disciplinary analysis of human behaviour in groups.



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