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Hugh Sibly


Dr Hugh Sibly

Hugh Sibly is a senior lecturer in the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics at the University of Tasmania, where he has worked since 1992. He has taught in the areas of industrial organisation, game theory, microeconomics and macroeconomics. He received his PhD from the University of Melbourne.

Hugh’s research interest is in price determination, particularly in the areas of experimental/behaviour economics, urban water markets, macroeconomics and industrial organisation. He has published papers in refereed academic journals and presented papers to academic conferences in all these areas. He has made numerous presentations to a variety of audiences on the use of pricing and competition as a mechanism to solve recurrent Australian water crises, including one to the ACCC Ninth Regulatory Conference in July 2008.

Hugh has also worked as an Assistant Commissioner for the Tasmanian Government Prices Oversight Commission and been a member of the Copyright Tribunal of Australia.

Subject Area Expertise

Experimental/behaviour economics, urban water markets, and industrial organisation




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