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Prue Kerr


Professor Prue Kerr

Prue Kerr is currently a Visitor at the University of Adelaide, School of Economics, and is a member of the ESA group, Women in Economics. She has a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Adelaide, and an M.Phil and PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK. Her research interests include the post-war Cambridge Keynesians and the subsequent development of alternative, post- Keynesian approaches, in particular to growth and income distribution, and the basis these offer for understanding economic and social implications of distributive inequality, and for effective policy.

She is also interested in the history of economic ideas and co-authored with Geoff Harcourt, an intellectual biography of Joan Robinson (2009). She publishes in the Cambridge Journal of Economics and Contributions to Political Economy and has contributed journal articles and chapters in collections on these themes. She is a co-founder of CAMHIST, a Cambridge seminar group exploring the history of economic theory within an interdisciplinary context.

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