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Author's Name: Helen Silver
Date: Tue 12 Feb 2019

Helen Silver AO

Helen Silver AO

Helen Silver is a Chief General Manager at Allianz Australia, with a major role in the oversight and delivery of Workers’ Compensation services for Allianz across Australia.

Helen Silver has had a long and distinguished a career in both public and private sectors including as Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet from 2008 to 2013. Prior to her role as DPC Secretary, Helen Silver had Senior Business roles in the National Australia Bank. Helen Silver’s public sector career covered both State and Commonwealth Governments.

Helen is a National Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia. Helen is a Director of the MSO and a Trust member of the Arts Centre Trust and a member of the Judicial Commission of Victoria.

Helen has a B.Ec (1st class honours) and M.Ec both from Monash University.

In 2015 Helen was made an Officer of Australia (AO) for distinguished service to Public Administration; Business and Commerce and the Victorian Community

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Waste Policy - August 2018

Poll 32

"There are clear net benefits for Australians from (further) increasing the diversion of waste from Australian landfills."




Journalism as a public good - January 2018

Poll 25

Proposition 1: "The modern phenomena of information overload and social-media-fuelled 'fake news' bring into focus the value of quality journalism. Quality journalism has a public-good dimension that warrants public support."

Proposition 2: "The Australian government presently provides funding for the ABC and SBS, Australia's independent public broadcasters. The Australian government should increase its financial support of quality journalism."


1 - Strongly agree

2 - Agree

Public borrowing for infrastructure investment - September 2017

Poll 22

"As interest rates are at low levels by historical standards, federal and state governments, despite their public debt levels, should be borrowing more than they currently are to invest in infrastructure"




Appropriate and manageable debt levels are crucial to supporting strong credit ratings for Government Budgets and as well assist in maintaining fiscal discipline. Currently in Victoria and NSW government infrastructure investment is already at historical highs while maintaining a triple A credit rating for example in Victoria government infrastructure investment will be averaging $9.6b over the next 4 years compared to an average of $5.6b a year over the decade to 2016-17.