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Kalvinder Shields

Kalvinder is a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics, University of Melbourne. Since the completion of her PhD, Kalvinder's research has focused on the time-series econometric modelling of (1) real time data, data revisions, expectations data and their use in nowcasting and forecasting macroeconomic events, (2) structural macroeconomic modelling concentrating in particular on the formation of expectations, the use of survey data on expectations and the modelling of uncertainty and (3) nation-wide, region-wide and industry-wide disaggregated data and the implications for economic policy.

Kalvinder coordinated the construction of the Australian Real-Time Macroeconomic and Fiscal Database (resulting from two ARC Discovery Project grants) and has been awarded five ARC Discovery Project grants including one currently on "Nowcasting and Interpreting the Australian Economy" (2023 - 2025).  

She has been a member of the Macroeconomic Economic Advisory Panel of the Treasury since 2019 and is the current Assistant Dean of Graduate Research at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne. 

Subject area expertise:

Macroeconomic modelling, modelling real time data, survey based expectations data, macroeconomic uncertainty,


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