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Economics teaching - micro before macro?

Our first poll of the ESA National Economic Panel for 2017 tries to shed some light on a perennial debate amongst economics educators - one which might influence the direction of the next generation of undergrads who are about start their introductory courses in economics all around Australia. 

We asked our panellists for their views on the following proposition:

"It is more effective to teach an introductory course in micro-economics first before an introductory course in macro economics"

For transparency, we also asked the panellists to answer the following question about themselves: 

 "On balance, I consider myself:  a) more of a microeconomist than a macroeconomist OR  b) more of a macroeconomist than a microeconomist"

Complete poll results, charts and panellist comments are on the ESA-Monash Forum website.   

We would like to thank Professor Ross Guest (Dean (Learning and Teaching), Griffith University) for his overview of the results. Click here to read the overview.   

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