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Energy Shortages - Reserving Australian Gas

This month, we asked our panellists to comment on the following:

"In response to energy shortages around Australia, government policies requiring gas producers to reserve some production for domestic consumption are a good way to ensure that Australian consumers have access to sufficient gas supplies while still allowing for gas exports."

From the 32 responses, 12 panel members (38%) agreed with the statement, 15 disagreed (47%), and five were uncertain or had no opinion (15%). Those who disagreed tended to do so more confidently, with an average confidence level of eight compared to the average confidence level of six among those who agreed

Read the full poll results on the Monash Business School website along with Dr David Prentice's overview of the poll results.

Collaborator credits: we would like to thank Prof. Stephen King and Dr. David Prentice for their assistance in framing this poll question, and David for his expert overview of the results.

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