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Gender Diversity in the Workplace - role of government?

NEP Poll 19 (June) - Gender Diversity in the Workplace - role of government?

Our latest NEP poll is our first on gender diversity. It was developed in collaboration with the ESA Women in Economics Network. The NEP were asked for their opinions on this proposition: 

"The recent Parliamentary Inquiry into "Gender segregation in the workplace and its impact on women's economic equality" was asked to examine measures to encourage women’s participation in male-dominated occupations and industries. Although there is growing awareness of the productivity gains of gender diversity, the private market alone is unlikely to steer the Australian labour market toward gender equality in male-dominated industries. Breaking down gender segregation in the labour market can only be achieved with some degree of government intervention."

 Overview of poll results by Professor Alison Preston

Overview of poll results by Assoc Professor Andreas Leibbrandt

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Collaborator credits: we would like to thank the state and national committees of the ESA Women in Economics Network (WEN) for their assistance in selecting and framing this poll question. We would also like to thank Alison Preston and Andreas Leibbrandt for their expert overviews of the results. 

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